Black Sea Beauties

1st Day : TRABZON
Arrival at Trabzon Airport. Reception of the group. Transfer to your hotel.

2nd Day : TRABZON
Visit the 13th-century church of St. Sophia, now a museum, fascinating for its architecture and delicate interior frescoes. As you stroll down Trabzon’s busy streets, have a look at the Trabzon Museum’s small collection, housed in a gorgeous mansion. Later, ascend the mountains behind Trabzon to Sumela. Hike up through a cool pine forest to reach the monastery of Sumela.

3rd Day : Trabzon - ARTVIN
Drive along the Black Sea coast nicknamed the “hospitable sea” by the Greeks, who were trying to soothe her anger. Hazelnut orchards and tea plantations create a jungle-like atmosphere as you turn off the coastal road up into the Kackar Mountains to Artvin.

4th Day : Artvin - KARS
Follow the Coruh River to Ishan where a medieval Georgian church with fantastic outer reliefs stands majestically on the slope of the mountain, and then continue across mountain passes to Kars, where a stop will be made at the Church of the Holy Apostles now a converted mosque that stands just below an Ottoman castle.

5th Day : Kars - ERZURUM
Explore the medieval city of Ani, now an archaeological site, where most of the buildings lay poignantly in ruin as the mighty walls stand. Drive through the fateful Sarikamis Mountain pass that leads to the high steppes around Erzurum with its rich medieval history and monumental buildings. Walkthrough the grand Cifte Minare Medrese (Double minaret madrassa) and the Yakutiye mosque complex.

6th Day : Departure
After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Erzurum Airport.